What A Lifetime Of Happiness is really all about

Jan 01, 2019

In less than 12 months I lost both my father and my life partner. My father died and my life partner, who I thought I would grow old with ended our relationship. Didn't see it coming.


My father, who meant the world to me, died in a few weeks time of pancreas cancer. He went from a young fellow of 76, still teaching his students actively, to an old man who was ready to leave this world in no time. He was my rock, who always believed in me and stood by me during my own  period of cancer, the serious illness of my son and his grandson and my divorce that followed after that. He was always there for me, and his loss forced me to stand on my own in a way I had never done before.


A few months later my life partner ended our relationship. It caught me by surprise because I was convinced that we would stick together through every storm we would encounter. He was my rock too, who backed me up when I needed him.


So there I was, no rocks to lean upon, just me, facing the world alone, for the first time in my life. That's how it felt for me. And here A Lifetime Of Happiness comes in.


Was I sad? Of course I was.

Did it hurt? Yes, it hurt big time. 

Did I grief? I did, and sometimes I Still do.

Did I feel lost? There were moments that I had no clue what to do.


But at the same time, there was so much that kept me going and helped me not to fall apart. And instead of asking questions like:

Why did my father have to leave so soon?

Why didn't I see the break up coming?

Why was this all happening to me?

What did I do to deserve this?


I asked myself questions like:

What can I learn from this situation?

What does this bring me?

How can I grow from this?

What am I grateful for right this moment?


It kept me from drowning in drama and helped me to see the good in these situations. And there was still so much to live for. Like expanding my business and enjoying time with my two beautiful children. And most of all it guided me to step into a whole new field of opportunities. To listen deeply to what I wanted, in life, in business, serving others.


And I realized how worthy the blessings are that these horrible life changing events really gave me. My Dad's passing made me independent and strong. It made me realize how precious our time is, once again. And it made me decide for my future with a dedication I haven't felt before. The break up with my partner brought me back at home to myself. It forced me to really get to know me on a deeper level and enjoy my own company like I am my best friend.


All this also strengthened my dedication to my mission: helping people to make their own choices, take the course of their lives in their own hands, start to live their dreams and experience A Lifetime Of Happiness under all circumstances. If I can do it, you can too!


No matter how hard the challenge, no matter how tough the circumstances, no matter how difficult the situation: You can always decide to make the best of it, be grateful for all the good stuff in your life, grow from it and turn your life around for the best.


This is what I do daily with my clients at A Lifetime Of Happiness. Do you want a life that brings you joy, fulfillment and gratitude in every situation? Make your life a blast beyond your wildest dreams? I am here to guide you on that path. Just reach out to me and we will get you started.


Life is now, wake up and live!



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